About Me



Working in the last 14 years in over 60 foreign and Romanian projects in the field of film and television, through her achievements, Domnica has become a benchmark in the Romanian casting industry. Over the years, Domnica has built an impressive track record, while working in numerous projects that presupposed cooperation with national and international directors like Claude Lelouch (“What War May Bring”), Mick Davis (“Modigliani”), Joel Schumacher (“Town Creek”), Fredrick Bond (“Charlie Countryman”), Linda Yellen (“William & Catherine: A Royal Romance”), Courtney Solomon (“An American Haunting”, Cristian Nemescu (“California Dreaming”), Christian Carion (“Joyeux Noel”), David Yates (“Sex Traffic”) and others.

During the past years, Domnica has also set a record in the field of local production, being in charge with the casting for more then ten TV series, among which one should note the longest running and most successful Romanian comedy TV series “Las Fierbinti” – PRO TV and the latest HBO Europe local TV drama series, “Umbre/ Shadows”.

Domnica holds a degree obtained from the Vito Grasso Italian Institute for Culture in Bucharest and is a graduate of the Romanian Academy of Economics. She started working as a casting assistant in 2001. In 2004, she joined the team of the largest Romanian film studio, Media Pro Pictures, as a casting director. In 2013 Domnica established her own company and became a member of the International Casting Director Network (ICDN).

Casting Director